Curriculum Vitae

Experienced Healthcare CIO, CISO with a unique blend of entrepreneurial and corporate background leveraging technology to demonstrate Clinical, R&D, Biomedical Informatics, Businesses value and Competitive Momentum that thrives in very dynamic, high pressure, turnaround and crisis environments. Adaptable Manager with a powerful combination of in depth business acumen, technology knowledge, relationship and communication skills and the ability to optimize technology investments for the benefit of the organization.


Provide a global technology vision and leadership tightly aligned with the Notal Vision strategy. Built a lean technology organization to meet evolving research, clinical and biomedical needs. delivered a technology ecosystem through transformational solutions and services that deliver a relentless focus on patients and their experience of healthcare. Delivered strategies on information, technology and informatics to drive service improvement and enhanced patient outcomes and experience for all Notal Vision care, through working closely with internal and external leaders. (Leading a team of 20)
• Delivered disruptive technology strategy enabling growth, efficiency and cost savings of over 3.5M globally.
• Established a cloud platform that delivered improved customer experience and internal collaboration among all Notal Vision worldwide.
• Transform the method the organization is partnering with clinics resulted in over 2M in savings and 200% faster technology integration.
• Drove company change through a cloud business intelligence platform and IoT strategy resulted in improved efficiency across the organization.
• Established a global technology organization from the ground up that delivers around the clock technology services.
• Spearheaded AI platform using RWE to deliver customer insights and improved operations

Accelerating a technology vision & strategy, bringing a product to market by building a disruptive big data, advanced analytics; Machine Learning,
Predictive Modeling and NLP Technologies platform to provide a solution to an ongoing cost increase of specialty drugs. Pinscriptive is first to utilize Real World Evidence and Clinical Trials data to deliver Evidence backed Value based Decision support platform. Established collaborations with key stakeholders in the pharmaceuticals, payers, and providers space. Demonstrating a transformative impact through Precise Analytics on the delivery of care, its outcome and financial positioning. (Led a team of 10)
• Assumed CEO role after 14 months as a CTO and drove the acquisition of Pinscrptive
• Led an effective burn rate – less than 2M over two years, resulted in effective utilization across the board.
• Built a unique technology organization using offshore teams and 100% cloud technology.
• Drove product to market in ½ the time it took other comparable startups.
• Partner with large health systems to drive proof of concepts within 6 month of company inception.
• Secured 4 patents delivering improved value of the technology stack and services.
• Established a clinical advisory board to help build clinical efficacy to the product.

Driving information technology within the Clinical, Research, Informatics and Academic organizations strategically, where information and technology is fully leveraged to create value. Led the hospital in planning and implementing enterprise information systems and services to support the clinical, research as well as business operations in order to achieve more effective and cost beneficial operations. (Led a team of 50)

Strategy and Leadership
• Strategic partner to the CEO and his leadership team promoting & aligning technology and informatics with the goals of the hospital.
• Position the organization as technology leader among the 19 specialty pediatric hospitals in the country.
• Effective budgeting, controlling avoidable utilization, Creative outsourcing strategies resulted in reduced operating & capital investments by 35%.
• Established key relationships with senior leadership, partners and customers to drive change initiatives.
Bringing Business Model Innovation
• Founded an Innovation Center; Radically innovated existing clinical and business practices, launching over 15 new programs.
• Utilized IT as the enabler for transforming legacy business models. Redesigning health system services for population health
• Introduced new technologies & Services resulted in improved clinical delivery. Anticipated future impact of latest trends on HIT & business.
• Engaging physicians in minimizing clinical variation & Influencing key stakeholders and winning trust and support.
• Earned a leading position as a subject matter expert in the areas of population analytics, actuarial science and healthcare economics
Analytics - Clinical, Research & Education & Informatics Leadership
• Co-chair a Clinical Outcome & Research Committees, built a consensus around process, technology, and people.
• Applied and agile HIT framework resulted in innovative clinical solutions that reduced technical complexity by more than 50%.
• Led a robust clinical platform and population health solutions, enabling actionable information and improving decision making by clinicians.
• Established an IoT strategy enabling secure data exchange, faster access to information and aggregation of information siloes.
• Spearheaded the development of a Research System and Electronic protocols resulted in improved collaboration with external collaborators.
• Implemented Population Health solutions enabling; insight to key trends, maximizing care and quality, patient coding and reimbursement.
• Successfully implemented Health Information Exchange with private and public providers resulted in improved care delivery to patients.
Security Management Audit & IT Governance
• Established information security strategy, plan and architecture designed to evaluate and manage risks effectively internally & externally.
• Serve as a Privacy Officer, responsible for managing the risks and business impacts of privacy laws and policies with 100% compliance rate.
• Direct the development and enforcement of information security and privacy policies in compliance with federal and state regulations and standards.
• Directing key initiatives: Security awareness audit & privacy, disaster recovery, business continuity and Incident response programs
• Establishing and communicating standards, procedure and guidelines to prevent the unauthorized use, release, modification, or destruction of data.
• Responsible for coordination of security audits efforts with internal and external auditors and all applicable certification efforts.
• Monitor information security trends, internal and external to the organization and kept management informed about information security risks.
Delivery Technology Solutions & Services
• Established a joint committee (technical and clinical) to identify & priorities opportunities, establish plans and report on value delivery to CEO.
• Strengthening IT’s business-wide reputation by sticking to promises and agreements.
• Implemented a single ERP solution for all business units, establishing a single ecosystem for the organization.
• Ensure continuous delivery of IT services meeting rising consumer expectations for service – recipient of the customer service award.
• Led technology transformation in and across business units applying Lean Methodologies. (RAD, CMMI & ITIL)
• Built a global high-performance multi-cultural team achieved 100% of the operational measures and business goals.
• Adopted numerous cloud solutions for clinical and administrative solutions resulted in increased workforce productivity and cost reduction.
• Increase efficiencies by Identifying, pursuing innovative technologies to be assimilated, integrated within and outside the Hospital infrastructure.

Provided the vision and leadership for the development and implementation of information technology initiatives associated with all operational aspect of the agency operations in city, state and federal levels. (Led a team of 40)

Leadership and Strategic Management
• Establish and cascade the vision and strategies in support of the Agency’s goals and departmental goals.
• Pioneered a creative and expedient nationwide Pathology and Medical Investigation System to address the rapidly changing national needs.
• Reclaimed a leading position of an innovative Pathology Lab among all medical examiners in the country
• Illustrating Technology Value through a performance management system for IT operations and the project management office.
• Built and manage consensus with key stakeholders, and the medical community, to assure appropriate technology-based decisions.
Change Management & Operational Excellence
• Streamlining back-office operations through the implementation of ERP solution resulted in increase efficiency and greater transparency.
• Leading a lean IT footprint increasing the value of services and solutions the IT organization delivered.
• Led cost cutting initiatives resulting in $1.2M in annual savings.
• Led a global high- performance team delivering cutting edge solutions for population analytics and healthcare economics.
• Spearhead the development of solutions for disaster response team capabilities resulted in improved response time to investigation scenes.
Revenue Generating Initiatives
• Pioneered the design, development and implementation of the first Medical Investigative e-Learning system in the industry.
Analytics -Research, Scientific & Medical Innovation
• Transition the agency to a paperless operations employing Electronic Medical Record drove effective business reengineering.
• Led the development of innovative software product enabling DNA identification and sequence analysis, drove nationwide adoption.
• Formed Informatics team, delivered tools and solutions that advanced the Genome research meeting research’s needs.
• Spearhead the deployment of LIMS for the largest Forensic Biology Lab in the nation. Met budget $3.6M and timeline of 14 months.
Enterprise & Solutions Architecture
• Established standards policies and protocols, to deliver high availability infrastructure, in partnership with Gartner & Microsoft.
• Spearhead the Business Intelligences, Data Warehouse and Data Marts platforms improved accessibility to information and decision making.
Project Management Office
• Formed a Project Management office applying Lean framework (CMMI) driving best practices resulted in increased success rate by 80%.
Security Management & Compliance
• Develop Information Security policies and procedures and ensure that they remain current and are adhered too.
• Directs long-range cyber security & Compliance planning including review of all information assets.
• Improved compliance utilizing best practices and industry standards including ISOs 27001, 2000x, 17799, ITIL, TOGAF, CMMI, and COBIT.
• Successfully implement sustainable Information & Cyber Security user education programs across the agency.
• Operationalized incident response team facilitating investigative protocols and procedures.

Led a domestic/global technology organization responsible for all aspects of tactical, strategic execution of mission critical division of the Foundation; Clinical Research Organization (CRO), Research & Development Center, Patient care and Educational Divisions worldwide. Initiated revenue generating initiatives for the Foundation in the area of electronic data capturing (EDC), online learning\training, and tele-radiology system. (Led a team of 65)

Strategy & Value
• Successfully apply strategies to meet the organization goals resulted in optimized use of technology and revenue generating initiatives.
• Valued member of executive team demonstrating the ability to translate clinical and financial information into meaningful insights.
• The Skirball Center: Led the technology, biomedical design, sourcing and implementation for a newly established Global Research center.
Analytics - Genomics \ Biomedical Informatics
• Led complex data mining integrations of the electronic medical record, research informatics, clinical and translational research disciplines.
• Through Complex integrations delivered aggregate, interactive, real-time reports, dashboards and score cards.
• Applied innovative, big data technologies to transform of the Data Coordinating Center. Resulted in cost reduction by $2M annually.
• Provide a set of clinical and data management platforms results in improving Patient engagement strategies.
Operational Excellence
• Improved IT service levels driving best practices, SLA’s, KPI’s and comprehensive awareness solutions for the organization.
• Delivered a 23% reduction in data center and telecommunication cost through SMART sourcing and contract negotiations.
• Implemented an ERP solution resulted in an increase of efficiencies, reducing cost by eliminating outsourcing services previously established.
Research Innovation & New Revenue Generating Business
• Founded the first in the industry e-Learning solution for industry sales force on Cardiology practices and standards achieving $8M in revenue.
• Led the implementation of global (3000 sites worldwide and over 1.5 million registered clinical participants) a Teleradiology system and electronic data capturing (EDC) system achieving $22 million in revenue.
Organizational Development & Talent Management
• Implemented several leadership and employee development programs, action learning programs and facilitating professional coaching to managers, resulted in greater employee retention and increase collaboration among employees.
Technology Architecture & Enterprise Systems Integration
• Drove LEAN software architecture and software engineering practices in complex matrix environments to support business objectives.
• Adopted ITIL framework resulted in improved; service management, technology management, application development and operations.
Validation, QA, Compliance & Policies
• Technical lead with government entities, FDA, NIH in financial and clinical reporting, performance measurement (KPI’s and SLA’s).
• Implemented industry best practices & regulations; Meaningful Use, HITECH Act ITIL, ISO 9000\13485, CMMI, HIPAA and CFR 21 Part 11.
Data Warehouse & Software & Application Development
• Spearheaded a cloud based clinical/medical platform enabling dramatic improvement on collection processing decision of clinical trial data.
• Improved clinical operations by implementing a robust data warehouse solution, aggregating data from different silos, systems and devices.
• Delivered business intelligence solution improving the competitive advantage of the organization.

Joined as Employee # 4 and led the technology vision, strategy and plan. Worked closely with company executives and researchers to build and align technology solutions and services to accelerate research in; RNA, Oncology Genetic Disorders and Infection Diseases. (Led a team of 5)

Leadership & Strategy
• Set and communicated the vision and strategy for IT.
• Proactively recommended transformations to senior executives in order to strengthen and maintain competitive advantage.
• Provided robust but constructive challenge to stakeholders on technology initiatives. Communicated clearly the IT and risk implications.
• Sponsored delivery of planned transformation or major change initiatives In the IT function.
Information Broker
• Anticipated research and business needs, shaped the organization with the right technology.
• Maintained sophisticated information architectures, enabling access the right data at the right speed
• Managing data storage thoroughly and accurately
Analytics - Biomedical Informatics
• Building an interdisciplinary technology and informatics team, providing innovative solutions to collect, analyze and disseminate information
• Initiated and implemented change management projects: Laboratory System (LIMS), Data warehouse, and research analytics solutions.
Keeping the Lights On
• Delivering IT services and security at agreed service levels and without interruptions.
• Managing daily IT operations in the most effective and efficient way.
• Identified, communicated and resolving IT and security problem with high priority.
Technology and Best Practices
• Delivered a robust technology infrastructure supporting a scientific and research driven organization through rapid growth.
• Develop IT road map to supporting evolving research and business needs.
• Collaborated with the CFO to implement an ERP to establish and streamline back office operations.
• Oversaw audit & compliance, business process management, and IT investment, demonstrating a transparent and accountable process.
Staff Development
• Build and lead high performance multidisciplinary teams (on\off shore).
• Provide coaching and mentoring to employees and ensure their ongoing learning and development were met.
Project Management
• Demonstrated creative sourcing & excellent budget planning and allocation skills resulted in 20% cost reduction in key projects.
• Directed the technology projects and delivery resulted in increase of project success rate.
Technology Enterprise Systems & Infrastructure
• Devised a three year IT road map supporting the emerging research and clinical needs.
• Successfully integrate mixed environments supporting scientific roadmap alignment, and driving adoption of improved software development.
• Established and maintain appropriate IT security and IS stability for all computing and data system consistent with emerging industry standards.
Compliance & Regulations
• Authored policies, procedures and guidelines; developed and presented training materials.
• Ensured compliance with SOX, legislation and FDA regulation (HITECH, Meaningful Use HIPAA, CFR21 Part 11) ISO 2000x, 17799

Directed the design, implementation of technology solutions and services, enabling seamless operations of an integrated marketing and business solutions company. Provided strategic and visionary leadership to a distributed team; utilized exceptional technical expertise and excellent managerial skills. Managed data center operations, network, security and compliance, messaging, storage, disaster recovery, helpdesk and Telecom. (Led a team of 30)

Project Management
• Led nationwide projects, budgets, coordinate resources, manage vendors, delivered a successful technology expansion.
• Collaborated with sales \ marketing and business development on solutions, resulted in increased customer satisfaction and retention.
Technology Operations
• Educated, sensitized, and managed the expectations of the business units about the challenges of IT.
• Worked with the CIO to prepare detailed annual budget, consistent with overall vision and business plans.
• Implemented a security policy and annual awareness training for the organization
• Maintain close working relationship with business leaders and other line of business across the Genesis operating portfolio.
• Ensure application portfolio and roles & responsibilities are leveraged and aligned across the enterprise.
• Lead and manage a highly productive, motivated and driven team through strong communication, empowerment, reward and coaching
Business Intelligence and Performance Management
• Developed appropriate performance measurements and standards for system and network administrators
• Assessed requirements and provided intelligence to the CIO regarding business trends and management needs
Vendor Management
• Developed vendor requirement and assessment criteria policy for the technology organization
• Established a consistent measurements system for all suppliers and subcontractors ensuring the best value and cost.

ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE: Operations manager at Genesis Intermedia Previously served as Senior Network manager & web Administrator at Movo Media, Lead Support Engineer at Chase Credit Systems, Senior Network Support at AT&T, and Software Analyst & Support Specialist at MRM Corporation.

• CIMA - Center for Information Management and Assurance – Member Board of Advisors June 2013 to Present
• GLG Research – Advisor Council Member NYC, NY January 2012 to Present


Master’s in Biomedical and Informatics - Rutgers University
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration -Concentration in Information Technology - Colorado Technical University

Regular Contributor for the: Harvard Innovation Lab | Executive Insight | Information Week | Axis News | CIO Review | The Record

Meditech, Epic, Cerner, Eclipsys, Allscripts, McKesson, Rouland Boargs, Pyxis, Omnicell, GE Healthcare, Siemens, Phytel, Lumeris, iTriage,
MyHealthDirect, Zynx, Lexi-Comp, UptoDate, Dr. First, IMO, FDB, Alaris, AeroScout, Labvantage, IDBS, StarLIMS, MEtlab, SPSS, SAS, QlickView, MicroStrategy, R, Jasper

Executive Leadership Program Project Management Program, From Business Strategy to IT Action, Organizational Systems Improvement Program, E-Commerce Management Program, Human Resource Development Program, Accounting and Finance Program, Business Strategy Program, Emergency Management, Institutional Review Board

2002/2004 Employee of the Year Award, 2009 Employee of the Year Award, Certification for Information System Security Professional (CISSP), Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA),Oracle Database
Administrator (DBA), Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), CompTIA A+, Black Hat - Hacking Security Systems Certification, EVI - VOIP
Certification, Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI) IRIX Certification, ISS - Intrusion Detection

Society Information Management (SIM), Technology Executive Networking Group (TENG), Information Systems Audit and Control Association
(ISACA), Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), Information Security Association (ISC2), CIO Leadership Network